Sunday, April 7, 2013


AnimSchool Channel

By using the Malcolm rig from AnimSchool, I found that they put up a lot of their critique videos online when the tutors are reviewing students work. I began watching these quite a lot and found them really invaluable, it gives you a real example and you can see, from a professional stand point, how they would improve the shot by pushing poses, changing timing, having different expressions etc. The tutors point out things that may not have been obvious to the student and for myself, it's something I can bare in mind when it comes to creating my own animations. Not only do they give critiques, but they also offer tutorials sometimes, one was on blinking and through this it really made me realise how much more there was to it, than just the open and closing of the eyelids. Because they use the Malcolm rig too, it allows me to go back and try it out for myself and see what these controls can do.

Looking into AnimSchool, it's making me wonder if I should save up and enrol onto some of these courses after I graduate. They can be quite expensive but the standard of animation that comes out is pretty amazing, and the fact that you get real industry professionals critiquing you is even more invaluable. It could help push my animation even further and bring me up to the standard of others out there. It's something to consider, I originally wanted to do a Masters but I really can't afford that and I think online animation courses would be far more beneficial. It's all about the portfolio at the end of the day and a Masters would only be necessary if I wanted to become a teacher. There's always time to go back and do one if I wanted, but to improve my animation skills I think online courses might be the way to go.

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