Monday, April 22, 2013

Script and Beat Sheet

I began writing up a script for my animation as this would take me through the proper workflow of the whole production, rather than just going straight to storyboarding. There's more to work with and seeing as I'm going to have dialogue in my animation, it's an easier way to lay things out and I can then refer to both my script and storyboard when it comes to creating the animation. You can view the script here: Script

It probably could do with expanding upon and giving some more description. If it was in a real production and was to be passed onto storyboard artists, they would need more information in order to create the drawings. When it comes to creating my next animation I'll be sure to expand on my script more as I might use someone else to create the storyboards. Due to time constraints I really need to get onto storyboarding and finishing it soon as I will need to start animating by next week, if I have a chance of completing it all on time.

From the script I also created a beat sheet, this breaks down the script into main sections from which I can identify specific sections, the mains 'beats' to storyboard. The next stage will be to create a shot list which would show the camera movements in more detail and also if the shot would be a close up, wide shot etc.

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