Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Organising Time

Organisation was a big part of this project, not only was there a lot of accomplish as a whole but for myself, I was going to be taking a week off to attend Animex at Teesside University. I had to plan out what I was going to be doing and how long it would take me, this kept me on track and made sure I had enough time to complete everything to a high enough standard. It's always useful to plan out your time accordingly as it gives you a time scale to work from and you have to be realistic with the tasks you set yourself. I stuck to my schedule pretty well, though there were some parts where I didn't do till later and started some earlier, but in the end everything was done on time, and my main goal really was to have the animation at least 80% completed before I went off to Animex. After that I would only really have about a week left and that was mainly for finishing pieces off before the final crit. I wanted to have a near completed film to show at the final crit to get as much feedback as possible and it would also leave the last week for tying up loose ends and altering small aspects.

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