Sunday, March 3, 2013

Invasion Film Score

I met John Waugh at an All Animated networking event in Leeds and we decided to do a collaboration on my next project. By working with someone outside of my course and college it was a new process to me so I learnt many things by doing this. It also made me stick to my schedule more as I had more concrete dates to stick to in order to hand over work to John so he could begin with the score. To begin with I gave him a rough idea of what my short would entail to see if he was up for producing the score, from there I went on to creating storyboards and rough edits, all the while updating John with these and getting feedback and ideas off one another.

Sound design and music scores really help move anything along, so I was really happy with what John was coming up with. Music one of those things where it can change how something is viewed, so communication was key when trying to explain my ideas across. Honestly though, I left a lot of creative freedom with John as I had looked into his previous works and was impressed with what I had heard. He obviously knew a lot more than I did about music so I trusted his judgement but gave him a rough outline for what I was looking for by sending over examples from other films. After going back and forth with edits and test animations, we decided that it would be best that John didn't finalise anything yet until I was able to send him a final edit with the timings locked down. This ensured that his score would fit my film perfectly and also wouldn't be wasting time on sections that may or may not be in the final thing.

I really owe a lot of John as not only has he given me a great score for my film, but also by working with someone off my course it has helped me to understand the process better and work more professionally. John's work can be found here:

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