Saturday, March 30, 2013

Context of Practice 2 - Practical

As part of the practical side of the context of practice module, I decided to create a short analysis of female gender roles within Disney films and how they were portrayed. I collected a range of different clips from the films and paid specific attention to the words the characters used and they way in which they were designed and carried themselves with their actions. To understand the topic better, I researched into 'The Gaze' theory and also looked at books which studied the effect Disney films had on audiences (see list below).

In order to explain the clips and how the characters were represented, I recorded myself and laid this over the top of the clips. I made sure I had planned out what I was going to say before hand and tried to construct a balanced argument. I expanded on my essay by finding physical examples from the films and also introduced the idea of where Disney may be heading next, and if it will differ from their previous films.

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