Thursday, March 7, 2013


This module involved learning a lot of new techniques and processes. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to concentrate the most on animation so I organised my time accordingly and made sure that my model and rig were to the best standard I could get it. Without a model with good edge flow/topology and a decent rig the animation wouldn't be up to scratch. I knew I was being quite ambitious with this project by wanting to create a quadruped but I wanted to push my skills further and try something new. I came across a few issues during this module, the main one being the way I rigged my characters front legs weren't correct so this hindered my animation. I wasn't able to move it fully and had to do the best I could without making it too noticeable.

I'm really pleased with how the animation has turned out, I can see how much I have improved since when I first started last year. I will take what I've learnt in this module about animation workflow and will be using this in my future animations. Considering it was my first major time using After Effects I think it's turned out alright, I may explore it further in my own time but animation is still my main focus.

Invasion! from Siobhan Parkhouse on Vimeo.

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