Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spaceship development

Trying to figure out a design for my spaceship ended up being a lot harder than I thought. I wanted something that would relate to my character yet the common sci-fi spaceships you see in movies would not fit the style I was going for. In the end I realised the main thing that would relate the spaceship to the character is fur, again a typical spaceship wouldn't really work with fur so even though it's very simple I thought just a sphere could work. By adding fur onto it it gives it another dimension and is different to what you would normally see. To make it more interesting I plan to add one large spaceship and a couple small ones flying about in the scene, hopefully I will be able to show the fur dynamics with this which will add to the performance. Another reason for keeping it just a polygon sphere is that it allows me to spend more time making sure the rig I create for my character is correct, without a decent rig my animation would be let down. As my character is a quadruped, the rigging setup is slightly different and I will have to pay close attention when it comes to painting the weights. Before all of this however I will have to make sure that my model has the correct topology, the flow of the lines are all correct and will be similar to how a real mammal would be constructed. 

In a previous post I have already been testing out different types of fur and adjusting the attributes. Now I have had more time with it you can see the images below with what I have come up with, something more different than just using the presets. It ended up being a lot of trial and error, sometimes the fur was clumped up too much or other times it was too thick. What's good about Maya Fur is that it allows you to save a setup within the fur that you have created so you are able to easily apply this to another object. Obviously I don't want the smaller spaceships to be an exact copy of the larger one so I adjusted the attributes of the main fur preset I created, I think I may also adjust the hues of the little ones within After Effects when it comes to compositing, as this will then show it's not just a copy and make it more interesting to the eye.

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