Saturday, January 19, 2013

Censorship and 'Truth'

The saying that 'the camera never lies' is in actual fact not true at all, it does lie, in the form of manipulation e.g either changing the way someone looks on a magazine through digital manipulation or being shown a view of something that isn't a true representation of that object or person. Within games, censorship plays a big part due to the violence in games but also how female characters are represented within them. Obviously everyone will have their own views on the subject, what one person may deem as inappropriate, another may find acceptable. People tend to make preconceptions based on what they already know and past objects that have a similar trait. For the female characters within games, it can sometimes provide a false image and portray them in a negative way by being overtly dressed. This is not to say that all games are like this, but most are given the preconception that this is the case, especially when someone doesn't play many games, or have knowledge of the wider range than just the ones that have come into speculation because of these traits.

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