Friday, January 18, 2013

Abduction Tests

One of the elements to be included is our main actor being abducted onto the spaceship, there are many different ways you can do this, but for now I have just tried out a couple to see what is achievable in a short time. First of all, to make this shot possible we needed our actor infront of a green screen and also another shot as a back plate in which we would composite the two together. Keying out the green screen is a simple task using After Effects 'Keylight' - just select the colour you want the screen colour to be, in this case green and it will key it out for you. You then need to do some adjusting with the clip black and white to make it a cleaner comp and also adjusting the edges to fit the back plate. The more you do when filming the better really. We were lucky with the weather as no shadows were really cast at all which makes green screening easier.

Both these tests still need work but it was just a quick composite to test out ideas. I followed a couple of tutorials e.g how to get the laser beam and smoke effect and adapted these to suit my taste. The first video is just using the standard scatter effect that is within After Effects, I then decided to add some smoke in to make it more interesting and I think it turned out quite well. With both I had to set keyframes for the opacity of my actress, so she would disappear at the correct time and for it to be believable. I also adjusted the timing of the back plate shot so the reactions of the extras would match the performance of my actress. The effects themselves still need work, timings with the smoke, maybe if I can make the laser beam react/move more it could add a bit more to the shot, basically these were just tests and there is still room for lots of improvement but at the minute I am happy with where these are going.

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