Friday, January 11, 2013

Cheshire Cat

An idea that was brought up to me was possibly having my alien move about like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. In the newest film, Tim Burton’s adaptation, he appears and disappears on screen with just the eyes viewable at some points. This adds a mysterious quality to the cat, which draws the viewer in, wanting to know more. Instead of walking, he floats yet he still moves his legs to suggest that there still needs to be force in order to float around. I like the idea of the way he slinks about and very slyly too, this adds character and emphasises personality traits of himself.

As I am still in the stages of coming up with the interior of the spaceship, I can’t be too certain of how my alien will move about, however I like the idea of it being shy and nervous and the movements it makes portraying this. By having a more elaborate (elaborate in the sense of not just white space, too much of a simplistic design) interior, with objects within that, I can have my alien interact with them and will create more personality if say it hides behind things or runs from one to another.

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