Monday, January 14, 2013

Communication Theory

We had a similar lecture last year on communication theory where we were introduced to the different areas and how they could be used within our own disciplines. This year it was expanded upon and what I took most from it was how branding has come to use communication theory. Brands create logos and other visual cues, not only to signify its usage but the status. Nike for example is such a well known brand now that when you see it you know that product is reliable and well used. An unknown brand may not fare as well. The same goes for movies, when people see Pixar and Disney logo they know they are going to see a really good movie, that tells a great story and you won't be let down by it. Other films from smaller and less known companies may not do as well in revenue because they don't have that following, that status that comes with the branding.

That one image as a logo can either reinforce you as an artist or not. It's something that should be taken into great consideration if someone were to go freelance and brand themselves. People will relate that image to yourself and your work, so you would want something appropriate yet memorable.

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