Monday, March 31, 2014

Final Rig

Here is my final rig for my dragon. I've had some problems a long the way and it isn't how I would want it to be; however I will have to make-do and know the limitations and animate to the best that it will allow me. I've managed to include joint based facial rigging into my character, this gives me more control than with blendshapes, although I have included a couple of blendshapes for specific emotions in order to speed up the process. Blinking, happy and sad are the blendshapes that I created, and these can be controlled through the facial and eye GUI. As mentioned before, my character will have plantigrade legs, so because of this I made sure that each foot had a foot roll. This will allow me to achieve a more realistic placement of the foot on contact and take off from the ground. There has been challenges, especially with my character being smaller and rounder than I'm used to, weight painting was a bit more complex, I had to make sure that the skin would fold nicely and correctly when the spine would rotate. If I had more time I would have loved to have spent longer and making sure each aspect of the rig worked correctly, however I need to now move on to animation.

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