Saturday, March 8, 2014

Understanding Colour

Colour plays a big part in any image, whether it's static or moving, it can change the mood of a piece or lead the eye to specific objects within a scene. Combining different colours together can also affect how an image is portrayed. Monochromatic colours can create an atmospheric effect, whereas triadic colours can create more of a playful scene, sometimes surreal. The video below is something that I came across and it has really helped myself understand colour better from the way in which it can be used, to the different types of colour combinations that are best suited with each other. It's made me think a lot about how I will use colour in my animation and making sure that my choices will work together with each other, yet also can be used in order to draw the eye to a specific object e.g. the apple that the dragon is going after. As there are many trees in my animation and them being green, I made sure that I didn't choose a similar colour to this for my dragon. He needed to stand out from the background whilst at the same time, being able to fit in to his surroundings. His main colour is purple, and with the trees being green, I could go down the route of using triadic colours, with the final colour being a tone of orange.

The video below mentions that triadic colours are best suited for cartoon or surreal scenes, with mine being an animation it could work quite well. It will need experimenting with and I will refer back to this video for reference throughout my decisions. One thing to bear in mind is that when using different colours together, none should be of an equal amount, there should be one colour that is used more predominately, normally the weaker colour. Previously I've not really thought about colours a great deal and just chose ones that would look good together without give it much thought, but now I will be taking into consideration how colours can really affect a scene and be used to benefit it.

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