Monday, March 3, 2014

CG Tarian Animation Half Circle

I came across these videos by CGTarian, an online animation and vfx school. Each video discusses different topics such as, how to break into the industry, how do you get good shots, once you get in how do you stay? etc. As I'm coming close to finishing my time at university, I found that these videos were really helpful and has put things more into perspective for myself. I'll always be learning, but it won't get easier from here on out, improving will take time, years and the rate in which you will improve will be smaller. The main thing is to just keeping pushing through and work as much as you can, each new shot that you create, you will learn something new, even if it fails for one reason or another. Over the years there has been animations that I've thought aren't good enough but I have learnt the reason why this was and I feel that I have improved on that through my next shot.

Another useful thing is that companies want people who are engaged and are willing to learn and be an active part, you need to be able to work together as a team but also get a long with everyone. Having a friendly, open personality is more inviting than being almost reclusive. I feel that I have come out of my shell a lot since studying animation and it has given me confidence in myself which I never really had. There is a lot to think about and prepare for for when I start applying for jobs, for now I am just gathering as much knowledge and information as possible.

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