Saturday, April 5, 2014


For my animation there were be a handful of assets that needed to be modelled. Due to time constraints I felt like I didn't have enough time to complete and be able to fully concentrate on the animation side of things. I got the help from Ben Mayfield and he was able to model up my assets in a very short amount of time. I gave him some designs to which he model from, adapting slightly to ensure that they would work within a 3D space. Along with these assets, I needed to make my apples. I did this myself by creating a base shape in Maya then taking it into Mudbox where I was able to sculpt the geometry and paint on a texture. I was really happy with the texture, layering on different paint layers to create something that was more than just a red apple look. There will also be a golden apple in my scene and this will just be the same texture as the red apple, however the hue will be changed.

I will be hopefully using nCloth for the material section of the hand glider, it will give it more of a natural feel and look and react to movement, which will give the illusion of wind blowing. These assets just need texturing now which I will probably do in Photoshop as they don't need to be that detailed. I want to keep them clean and simple so as to not distract from the dragon itself.

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