Saturday, December 3, 2011

Maya - Deformers and Hypershade

This week we learnt to use deformers. By parenting a deformer to a polygon primitive you are able to distort the original shape, this is a much easier and quicker way to model something in a specific way. With deformers you can apply blend, flare, sine, twist, squash or wave - each having their own properties. By altering specific attributes you can change the way the shape rotates/bends etc. You are not limited to only applying one deformer to a shape, you can add multiple ones which will let you have more control and be able to create different shapes. I found using deformers really easy and a useful tool to know. I think I will definitely be using these when it comes to modelling my toy as there are certain parts where it would be easiest to use deformers.

We also learnt how to use basic colour in our models. By using the hypershade window you are able to apply colours and certain textures to anything you have created. The three basic ones we looked at were lambert, blinn and anisotropic. Lambert is like a matte colour without any highlights. Blinn will give you a small highlight on the object, and anisotropic will give you more of a natural highlight compared to blinn. By setting up a light you are then to concentrate it in a certain place to create shadows. I also set the plane to have a reflection so the light would bounce off a do this, it just adds more realism to the whole thing. I will have to experiment with the hypershade a bit more as this is just very basic at the moment.

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