Sunday, December 4, 2011

Out of Sight

out of sight from kynight on Vimeo.

A trio of Taiwanese students made these as part of their graduation project. I found this to be a really lovely piece of animation. The story, the art, the music it all works together really well. The style of drawing and the colours remind me of Stuido Ghibli, however they have put their own spin on it. I found the story most captivating, something quite different. A young blind girl who is dependent on her dog to guide her, however when the dog runs off she is on her own and has to find a way of searching for her dog. The whole animation shows you that even though the girl is blind it does not mean that she is restricted in anyway. Her other senses are still there and her imagination is so free and alive. Within the animation it shows you how her senses help her to distinguish what our eyes would normally see. For example her sense of smell, she smells things and then they are shown to us in a visual sense. The sound works in this way too, we hear things as she does before they are shown on screen.

Making of 'Out of Sight' - this is the website to the making of page. It takes you through the storyboards to some of the original ideas of the character, final concept art and the final designs. Everyone works in the same way, trying out different ideas of a certain character before settling on the final thing.

The main thing that pulls me into an animation is the story behind it. Storytelling is key to any animation and this piece is just really heartfelt and enjoyable. It tells a story and also conveys a meaning behind it. It's a really inspiring piece of work and makes me want to be able to get to this standard in my final year.

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