Saturday, December 31, 2011

Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich started off his career as an illustrator, and from that he moved on to work on films such as Finding Nemo, Shrek, Sinbad and Despicable Me. When I look at his work I can see straight away it is far more traditional in the use of pencil and tone, rather than markers or any digitally produced work.

Just looking at the shape of the body, you can tell that this character is strong and holds a lot of power. Even without any details on the character I think you would still get this impression. A character should have a striking and noticeable silhouette - in a game, from just a character's silhouette, you should be able to tell who they are or at very least whether they are hero or villain. All the well known characters in our lifetime how very distinguishable silhouettes. No two are alike and just from the shape you instantly know which character they are.

When looking at his other work such as the likes of Finding Nemo it looks as if this is much more in the first stages of character design. The characters themselves are not as finalised as the ones from Despicable Me. The final characters in Finding Nemo are much different to the drawings he has produced. Character design can be a collaboration between people, without feedback from others you cannot achieve to produce the most effective character.

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