Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Digital Film Production

The second half of the brief will be to produce two, up to 2 minute video responses to the written work produced by the Tadeeb Writers Group. They have developed poems and short prose based on their workshops at Ilkley Moor. This part of the module is running in conjunction with The Stanza Stones project developed as a collaboration of the Ilkley Moor Literature Festival and Simon Armitage.

We got split into groups and chose a poem from random. For now the basic roles we have given ourselves within our group is:
  • Myself - producer
  • Lija - storyboard artist
  • Tom - editor
  • Rhys - cameraman
The poem we got was written by Zenam Bi called 'Define Me?'. When reading through this poem the first word that seemed to jump out at us straight away was 'puppet'. Going off this word we started to gather ideas together, starting off with different videos as reference. 

This gives us some reference to how Chicago was able to portray humans as puppets. It shows their movements and where the strings are attached to their body. Not only do their movements have to mimic a puppet but their facial expressions have to as well, without this it would not give a convincing performance. At the moment we really like the puppet idea, having a person attached to strings that are controlling her movements/actions in certain ways.

We started pulling other ideas together, coming up with a few different versions. We thought about picking out key words from the poem itself and possibly have them onscreen while the girl would respond to these. Like a voice in her head that she is fighting against. Below is the actual poem with the specific words and phrases we picked out.

As producer I have written out the idea of what we have come up with and colour coded them to specific areas. By doing this it is easier to identify certain parts and you are able to see if ideas are repeated or not.

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