Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Videos

In order to get some ideas of what already is out there and what I could possibly do for my 1 minute instructional video; I have looked at other how-to videos around my idea, S'mores.

The video above shows the basic steps of creating s'mores, the background is of a plain colour so the eye is concentrated on the main subject. It looks as if this video was created with just the one person with a camera on the tripod, as only the hand is seen at the start and the positioning is coming from the side. The shots themselves are the same, close up/medium close up but then you don't need anything more than this as you are only concentrating on the process and the ingredients.

There has been post-production which has taken place after the shooting, where the ingredients have been placed into the first scene. In every other scene there is a 'Step 1' etc to show which stage it is. Even though it is not that necessary I think it does work as the voice over goes on the top of it. I was thinking about having a voice over but I will see how my video turns out, it may not be needed if I am able to articulate the processes well.

Another video I looked at was more of a conventional 'cooking' style video. This one has a variety of shots from a mid shot to a close up and a wide for the establishing shot. It is very straight forward and tells you what you need to know. For mine though I want it to be a bit more upbeat and so I think I will have a relevant soundtrack to place on top. I like the idea of having real close ups of the ingredients to specifically show what is needed, rather than having a word list. I may take this idea on board and incorporate it into my film.

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