Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Jeong Won

This is along the lines of what I would like to base my character on. I want to incorporate the extravagance of the clothing but at the same time make it believable to people that she can and will fight when the time comes. The colours which have been used have been carefully thought about, they all compliment each other yet each are to their own. With the colours you can tell that light, peach and cream colours are more of a high class society and therefore she will not likely be getting into any trouble. The ruffles on her dress add volume and texture which makes it more appealing to the eye, it could also suggest she is of high importance and wealth as less fortunate people would not be able to afford such opulent clothing. I really like the way you can see a lot of thought has gone into creating the costume for the character. The costume itself is almost an extension of their personality and goals, so if they don't seem to match the story behind the character it won't make much sense.

The deep blue/greys and golds seem to suggest that she may be a soldier to royalty, or maybe she is royalty herself. Even though she is carrying a sword, her stance shows that she still is very feminine and has a lot of elegance about her. She is not just a pretty face, she is prepared for whatever comes her way. I particularly like the detailing on her attire; even the small areas are still quite distinctive, there is not much armour on her, probably because you could loose the femininity by incorporating too much. There is just enough there to show that she is prepared for some combat. By the looks of it she is carrying what seems to be a lance which is normally used in jousting; at first glance I did not notice this, but when you study it further you see the finer details. I really like the dress shape on this character, it's shorter than what is told in history but it still has that periodic feel to it; which is down to the particular style and shape, along with the small details in the armour and accessories.

The clothing on this character is much more exuberant, even though from a different era, you can still the artist has taken inspiration from history to influence this design. The big sleeves originally were in fashion during the 1820's, but like everything else things get filtered down through the ages and people interpret them in their own way. I think that even though I want my character to live in the 1600's I would like to put a spin on the way she dresses, I want it to be slightly unconventional for that time, something that will make her unique from other people. I will research and then take elements from different dresses from that era to produce my own individual idea; which hopefully will come across quite feminine but at the same time show that she is a fighter and has courage and strength.

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