Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration Visit 1

So during my first proper week starting the course, we were given a brief with the final outcome as a character design, its environment, a storyboard and a short animation. Within this would be mini briefs each week where we would concentrate on something specific to help us design and develop our ideas.

This week we went to Leeds City Museum and Leeds Royal Armouries. When at the Museum, I came across several different items which captured my interest; the main one being this dress which looks to be from the renaissance period. I've always found this period of time really attracts me to it, mainly with the fashion and elegance of women in that time. Another item which I liked was the ornate fans, I have researched and found that women in the renaissance period were more than likely to carry one around with them. I love how they look really delicate yet can portray great detail and fine art on their front. They are a main accessory for the higher class woman.

By seeing these items, it has given me ideas to base my character in that period, around the 1600's. Adult female, possibly with a family. I will fill in a character sheet before I settle on a final idea to help me gain a better understanding of what I want my character to be like within their environment.

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