Thursday, September 29, 2011

David Boyce

I've chosen to look at this artist as these are still in their drawing state. The top one shows the turnaround of the character, which I will have to do very shortly when finalising my own character. Even though not in its final stage and make seem quite 'sketchy', there is a lot of detail incorporated into it which will aid the final composition. I really like the way Boyce has created several different types of expressions, I find they have a nice sense of fluidity about them; they almost have a life of their own. He has managed to draw the expressions really well, capturing the essence of each, you are instantly able to distinguish which emotions are which.I have tried to do some drawings like this but realise I need a lot more practice to achieve the standard I would like. I find I have trouble with drawing expressions as they all look different, they end up not showing any resemblance to the original character. This is something I will have to work on, probably by just drawing a lot more of the same face and altering the expression; slightly at first in order for me to get used to it.

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