Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dean Holdeen

When I came across this artist I was immediately drawn to how powerful his concepts were. I find them really striking, especially this first one. You get a real sense of the character: powerful, fierce, not afraid of anything, will defeat anything or anyone who gets in his way; this is shown through the way he stands, his stature and physical build.

Even though my character is female, I thought it would be good to reference a male character as they are mainly portrayed as strong and independent, which is what I want people to see when they look at my character. I find that the armour adds to the way people think of a character, the more armour they have, the stronger they seem; even more so if it is combined with physical build. This concept is no different. I will have to find a balance between having enough armour to show that my character is strong, but not too much in the way that it will loose her femininity.

The concept below is more along the lines of what I would like to achieve, armour in particular areas and still having the clothing visible to the eye. The lighting in this piece is quite different to most concepts, it only highlights a certain area with a sharp burst of light; while the rest shadows out to the edges. I think this technique works if you have a certain area you want the eye to be drawn to first or something that you want really highlighting. I would have like to have seen the legs and feet of both characters but unfortunately they have almost been blacked out. There are pros and cons to having the concept on a black background; it's good to contrast colours against and to have things stand out, however you have to be careful not to loose details within it. The characters themselves are quite opposites in some ways; one in loose, tattered clothing whilst the other is in more of a pristine condition. I guess this adds a good balance between the two rather than having just two characters the same or very similar to each other.

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