Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Business Cards

Last year I made some business cards for when I started going to conferences and networking events. As I am now drawing to the end of my time at university I thought it would be best to get these updated and to create something a bit more professional as I am beginning to enter the industry. Below are some of the designs I came up with. The first was what I started with before moving onto something a bit different as I felt it wasn't very eye catching and very plain. I got some advice from a friend who is a graphic designer about font and colour as this was something I was not sure about. He suggested that a deep red would work well for my name and to keep the font the same as my title card on my showreel to ensure continuity. I adjusted the font colour to a dark grey as I felt that black was too bold for what I wanted to achieve, I wanted something that was easy on the eye and looked good in terms of design.

My final design is shown below with both front and back. I'm really happy with what I've designed and will be getting these printed soon using MOO. I've chosen to go with MOO as their quality of printing is to a high standard and I've been impressed with the outcome of other people's business cards who have used them as well.



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