Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Music Collaboration

As my animation has no dialogue, music would be playing a big part in conveying emotion and helping the whole short feel connected. I decided to send an email out to Leeds College of Music to see if anyone would be interested in composing for my animation. I got a lot of responses but decided to go with Josh Broughton after hearing what he had created previously. In order to make sure that he was the best choice for me, I gave him part of my animatic so that I could get a feeling for his ideas and what he could bring to my animation. I wanted something that would emphasise the emotions and actions of the character, along the lines of Looney Tunes. Ideally the music and sound design would have been created once the whole animation was completed, however Josh was producing the music for my animation as part of his module too, and his deadline came much sooner than mine. Because of this I sent him my animatic and he did the majority of the composing to that. Once I had started blocking out the animation I sent it along to him so he would have the complete timings. I tried to keep my animation as close to the animatic as possible in terms of timing. I did't want Josh to have to re-do the music or change it drastically. I found that this was somewhat of a hinderance as there were some shots that I felt needed extending, yet I couldn't do this due to the music being nearly complete. This wasn't either of our faults, just the timing for our deadlines clashed.

As Josh's deadline was the beginning of May I wanted to make sure that I gave him the complete animation all smoothed out so that it wasn't just in the blocking stage. I also managed to give him some rendered shots too as I was ahead of schedule. This benefited me a lot as rendering took me a lot longer than I had originally planned, so finishing my animation earlier because of Josh's deadline allowed me to start rendering sooner.


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