Monday, May 19, 2014

Locksmith Animation

Set up by Sarah Smith, former creative director at Aardman and with backing from Elisabeth Murdoch and Double Negative, Locksmith Animation will be the first CG feature animation studio within the UK. This is some really exciting news, especially for someone like me who wants to one day work in feature animation. The majority of CG animation comes from the US and it will be good to see how a new studio will fare up against the more established studios within the industry. Being an extension of DNeg there will no doubt be highly skilled and experienced artists working together. This is a studio to keep an eye out for in the coming months and years and hopefully one day I can apply for an animation position. It can be somewhat difficult obtaining a visa for overseas jobs, so by having a feature film division set up in the UK it makes it more accessible (maybe not easier, as the standard will probably be very high but it gives me another opportunity to reach my goal of working in feature animation one day).

The majority of animation that is being produced in the UK tends to be for television and commercials, whilst this is great, it's even better to see that we are trying to expand further and make a name for ourselves.

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