Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dragon Modeling

I've started to model my dragon earlier than I had originally planned as I'm waiting on a few other things to be sorted before I move onto my storyboards. With my Dragon model I'm planning to take it into Mudbox where I can add more detail through sculpting. At the minute I have the basic dragon shape minus the final eyes and inside of the mouth. I added in the extra details such as the spikes and wings because then I hopefully won't have to retopoligse my model. If you add on any extra geometry you will have to retopologise. I want to give my dragon a more curved and round shape and I think by doing it in Mudbox it will be the easiest way. In Maya there are tools to smooth and sculpt geometry, however it's not as accurate as I would like. Within Mudbox you are able to add new subdivision levels (creating more polygons) and this will allow more accuracy when sculpting, and also a high level of detail can be added.

You can see my progress below. Using the t-pose that Sophie had created for me, I was able to use this as a guide for proportions and details such as the feet and wings. As I was modelling I found that there were a few things I had to change. Once you start creating something in a 3D space, things may need adapting and in my case it was the feet/claws and how big the legs were. I was worried that the legs might cause some issues when rigging and animating so I have made them skinnier in the width. Right now my dragon is still very boxy but once in Mudbox I will be creating a more smooth and round shape to him.

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