Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Final Mocap Progress

For my final piece of motion capture I planned out a scene where I would recreate an environment of a shop window and a collection of mannequins in that window. One would come alive and be confused as to what happened and why they can't get out. I captured this performance using a two camera setup as there was more movement than my previous tests. The data that I obtained from this was very messy and involved a lot of cleanup, to a point where it probably would have been just as quick or even quicker for myself to keyframe the animation. What I have managed to clean up is shown below. That is the stage where I've got to at the minute, I've had to adapt a lot of the motion as it was all in the wrong position and over rotating in some joints. The movements are quite jittery in places and very snappy, I've tried adjusting this and it has reduced the amount, however it's not to the standard as I would have liked. I want to try and put some more personality into the movements and adding that appeal, I'll try this out using animation layers so that it's not destructive on the base motion and I can always delete it if it's not working out.

I've been using markerless motion capture, a technology that is fairly recent and due to that fact it doesn't seem to be very accurate when compared to marker motion capture such as Vicon. This is one reason it's taken myself a lot longer to get it to a workable stage. I feel like I could animate it a lot better and with more ease if it was from scratch, and right now I do not feel comfortable with what I'm achieving. I don't know if I will be able to get the motions smoothed out like I would with keyframe animation and it's frustrating me that I can't figure it out.

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