Monday, October 21, 2013

Retargeting options

One option for my practical piece of work is to explore the option of retargeting with different pieces of software e.g within MotionBuilder or Maya. Retargeting is the process of transferring motion capture data onto another rig where it is then possible to clean up and edit. At the minute I am far more accustomed with Maya so it may seem that I find the process a lot easier, however what I'm finding at the minute is that the process seems to be much more complex than with MotionBuilder. It will be interesting to see which technique will be more beneficial to myself, not only for how long a process will take but also the results that it produces. Right now I will be testing out the Maya approach and then I will move on to retargeting within MotionBuilder. 

When it comes to retargeting within Maya you need to have a compatible rig. For this you need to either define an existing rig or create and define one from scratch. I will be trying out both techniques, for the existing rig it will be using one from Digital Tutors. Creating and defining from scratch is an option to consider and possibly taking further as this would allow myself to have my own model and rig that using the HumanIK system. Initial ideas was to possibly do a collaboration with Alex on my course, however it will depend heavily on our time constraints and available equipment on my part. As of now though, I am just working on tests to see if it would be possible and to create my own body of work that will help explore themes within my extended essay. 

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