Thursday, September 5, 2013

11 Second Club - August

So it's been awhile since I last posted but I've been doing other animations in my own time including 11 Second Club in August. Compared to my previous entry I can really see the improvements. I really tried to use more controls and add in those subtle movements of the body. The woman was a lot more successful than the man, though I'm pleased with how his hand moves across the chair. I still need to work on my walks, this seems to be quite an issue at the minute but hopefully I can sort it out soon with more practice.

I got some good feedback overall and I'm happy with my progress. It's given me more confidence in my work by seeing how I have improved so now it's just down to more hard work and practice! I've got another acting shot currently blocked out that should be done quite soon, and then after that I think I'll be moving on to experiment with motion capture. If I get time hopefully I can put in for another 11 Second Club - it's always great to work on personal work, even with a given piece of dialogue.

11 Second Club - August from Siobhan Parkhouse on Vimeo.

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